Communicate your marketing message more effectively using interactive digital brochure and increase your sales conversion.

What is a Digital Brochure ?

Digital Brochure is actually a strategically designed Interactive PDF file that you can share through SMS, Whatsapp, Email, Websites and on Social Sites. 


Our marketing experts will understand your business, products and most importantly the Sales Cycle. Based on your customer's journey, our team will design an interactive digital brochure for you.

interactive actionable digital brochure

Why should I have a Digital Brochure ?

If you really want to make a great first impression and communicate your product details to make your customers understand your value prepositions, then you are at the right place to have a digital brochure for your business.

Not Just Info! But Strategic Positioning

Unlike normal brochures and PPTs, we don't believe in information overload, rather we create strategic marketing message to position you as an expert in your industry.

Quickly Nurture and Kill Competition

Digital Brochure has contents with Consultative Selling approach that keep your prospects engaged and educated. This nurturing helps you stand out from your competitors.

Easily Share Everywhere!

Share on whatsapp, sms, email, websites and other social platforms. For e.g.. After a phone call with an enquiry, send your interactive digital brochure via sms or whatsapp.

Actionable with CTA Features

It has interactive, actionable & clickable features like Click-To-Call, One-Click-Whatsapp, Click-To-Navigate, Lead Capture Forms & more. Now your customers can easily reach you.

Fully Mobile Responsive

Digital Brochure don't just look beautiful on desktops and laptops, but it is also fully mobile responsive and easy to navigate. Good bye to stressful horizontal scrolling.

Cost Effective Solution

Good bye to boring powerpoint slides that no one sees and printed brochures that end up in dustbin. Our digital brochure is beauty + brain that help you get more customers.

Digital Brochure in Action!

Watch the short video to understand what is a digital brochure and how it works.

Invest in Digital Brochure. Get More Sales!

It's time to order a digital brochure for your business and articulate your marketing message, product details, company information and complex processes.

Just ₹ 9000

Just ₹ 4,000/-

Till 31st January Only..

Our Geniune Customer Says...

Have a look at customer reviews on Lead Follow up Machine.


I am a member of BNI & I receive several leads and referrals on a daily basis. But the main challenge is to position me & my company as a trusted Solar Manufacturer. With Digital Brochure, we are now able to make a great first impression & stand-out different from our competitors.

Kinnari Hariyani

Tecso Solar Pvt Ltd

Thanks to Viral Jadhav for their Make My Brochure venture. We send our Digital Brochure by SMS / email to all our leads. All the initial queries of our leads are solved before we actually call them. This also helps our inquiries to better understand our USPs and why they should choose us and not our competitors.

Mahendra Luniya

V-Gold, Pune

Real Estate business has too many complex things that we need to explain to our buyers so that they can make informed decisions. But with the digital brochure, it is really easy to make our customers better understand our properties and projects. Digital brochures are so eye-catching and simple to understand, that it also helps us speed-up our Prospect to Site Visit ratio. Strongly recommend MMB.

Mitesh Patel

Real Estate Consultant

In my travel business, there are multiple packages and it is really difficult for our customers to read things in an email and boring word document. Digital Brochure helped us reduce turn-around time on FAQs and repeated questions from our customers. And the designs are so beautiful that it creates interest, needs, curiosity and encourages our customers to travel more. Strategies by MMB team are practical and result oriented.

Manish Nahata

Manali Meadows &

I’m running a Digital Marketing Agency and after creating a Digital Brochure for my business, I am really saving my time explaining silly things to my clients. Now I am also outsourcing digital brochures for my customers as well.

Raj Chandel

BudgetAdDigital, Chandrapur

Being a Chartered Accountant, people think that we only do IT Returns and Audits and we wanted to break this ice-berg and so we ordered a digital brochure to highlight all our services. MMB team created an excellent digital brochure with a core of "Company Profile" and now all our existing and new customers understand all our services and scope of work.

CA Kunal Rathod

Mahesh Vyas & Co, Gujarat

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in transparency.

How It Works ?

After making an Online Payment, our team will understand your products, services and sales process, You just need to provide basic inputs like logo, product images and our expert team will create Digital Brochure for you.

What will I get as a Digital Brochure?

Digital Brochure is delivered in PDF format which is compatible with all devices (laptops, mobile, tablets) and it also has interactive CTA like one click call, one click whatsapp, one click map navigation and other clickable options from which your prospects and customers can reach you.

Where can I Use or Share my Digital Brochure?

You can share it on WhatsApp, SMS, website, emails and other social media platforms.

  • E.g. after talking to a client for the first time, you can WhatsApp digital brochure.
  • E.g. after someone fills an inquiry form on your website, you can deliver a digital brochure.
  • E.g. You can send it through bulk SMS, bulk email and so on.
  • Equip your sales team with a digital brochure that is strategic, interactive and has CTA which is far more better than boring PPTs.
  • Since Digital Brochure is an Interactive PDF file, your recipient doesn't need to install any software or an app to access it.

The digital brochure helps your prospective customer to better understand your USPs which will make you stand out from your competitors.

What if I want Multiple Digital Brochures for my different products ?

Many businesses have complex units or product lines. We recommend making digital brochures for different verticals or different products. Contact our Sales Team to avail special pricing if you need multiple digital brochures.

How much Time do you take to Create a Digital Brochure?

Generally, it takes 2 to 4 working days. Once you provide basic inputs like logo, product and company info or other technical details if any, our team will create a digital brochure according to your customer's buying behavior and sales process.

What about Changes ?

Our team will work with you to create a tailor made digital brochure to make sure, your customer understands your business, products, and services better than your competitors. Once the work is completed, we provide 3 more basic edits. However, in the future, if you want to re-structure or have major changes, then it will be chargeable. This happens only when you have major changes in your products or services.

Do you provide Refunds ?

No. We do not provide any refunds. Get in Touch with our team to understand what exactly you need and what to expect from our service.

Is there any Validity or Locking ?

Absolutely NO. We provide you digital brochure as an interactive PDF document. You have forever access to your digital brochure. 

How to Order ?

We have special discount going on and you can order your digital brochure by making an online payment on below link.

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Download Sample Digital Brochures

Invest in Digital Brochure. Get More Sales!

It's time to order a digital brochure for your business and articulate your marketing message, product details, company information and complex processes.

Just ₹ 9000

Just ₹ 4,000/-

Till 31st January Only..

We help businesses to communicate their marketing message more effectively using Interactive Digital Brochure to get more brand visibility and more sales conversions.


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